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Don’t waste your money burning wet or unseasoned firewood that can damage your stove. Get the best out of your appliance by using our seasoned firewood and kindling.

Border Esk Fencing Ltd. was established over 30 years ago. We are a family-run fencing manufacurer and supplier based in Longtown, Cumbria, also offering you our new firewood service.

Together with our kindle machine and high quality timber, we produce the highest quality firewoods and kindling for coal fires and wood burning stoves.

Firewood at Border Esk Fencing is packed in orange nets for kindling and dumpy bags or tote bags for hardwood and softwood logs. The logs are of varied sizes, if you would like a more specific size to fit your appliance contact us on 01228 791 423 and you can arrange a different size as a special request.


Firewood is produced with either soft wood or hard wood. Hard wood is mainly used for coal fires while soft wood burns better on wood-burning stoves.

All firewood that we produce is compliant with with the criteria of The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards – England) Regulations 2020. To view our certification, please click on the logo below:


Our kindling, also of highest quality is guaranteed to get your fire going.

We have large bags of offcuts that burn very well on log burners.

Firewood Pricing & Packaging

For pricing on our units of Softwood Logs, Hardwood Logs & Kindling Nets, please contact us today!

All firewood at Border Esk Fencing is packed in orange nets for kindling and dumpy bags or tote bags for hardwood and softwood logs.

Give Border Esk Fencing Ltd. a call on 01228 791 423 to get stocked up.

Our Delivery Areas (by postcode)


Carleton, Carlisle.


Cummersdale, Durdar, Newby West.


Houghton, Kingstown, Stanwix.


Bewcastle, Blackford, Blackpool Gate, Boltonfellend, Cargo, Catlowdy, Chapeltown, Crofthead, Easton, Gilsland, Gilsland Spa, Greenhead, Haggbeck, Halton Lea Gate, Harker, Hethersgill, Irthington, Kershopefoot, Kirklinton, Knaresdale, Lambley, Laversdale, Linstock, Longtown, Low Crosby, Lyneholmeford, Midgeholme, Moat, Netherby, Newtown, Nook, Oadshaw Ford, Roadhead, Rockcliffe, Scaleby, Calebyhill, Slaggyford, Smithfield, Stapleton, Todhills, Westlinton.


Gretna Green.

£10.00 delivery surcharge per customer order in the following areas;


Aiketgate, Ainstable, Armathwaite, Brisco, Castle Carrock, Cotehill, Croglin, Cumrew, Cumwhinton, Cumwhitton, Faugh, Great Corby, Hall’s Tenement, Hayton, Heads Nook, High Hesket, Hornsby, Ivegill, Little Corby, Low Braithwaite, Low Hesket, Newbiggin, Newby East, Ruckcroft, Scotby, Southwaite, Sowerby Row, Warwick, Warwick Bridge, Wetheral. Wreay.


Abbeytown, Allerby, Anthorn, Arkleby, Aspatria, Baggrow, Baldwinholme, Beaumont, Beckfoot, Blennerhasset, Blitterlees, Boltongate, Bothel, Bowness-on-Solway, Bromfield, Buckabank, Burgh by Sands, Calvo, Cardurnock, Causewayhead, Dalston, Drumburgh, Fingland, Fletchertown, Gaitsgill, Gilcrux, Glasson, Great Orton, Grinsdale, Hayton, High Ireby, Highlaws, Ireby, Kelsick, Kirkandrews-upon-Eden, Kirkbrampton, Kirkbride, Langrigg, Little Orton, Longbutgh, Mealsgate, Moorhouse, Newton Arlosh, Oughteby, Parsonby, Pelutho, Plumbland, Port Carlisle, Raughton Head, Seaville, Severgham, Silloth, Skinburness, Stockdalewath, Studholme, Thursby, Thurstonfield. Torpenhow, Uldale, Welton, Westnewton, Whitrig.


Aitken, Belncogo, Bolton Low Houses, Branthwaite, Brocklebank, Caldbeck, Dundraw, Hesket Newmarket, Lessonhall, Little Nrampton, Micklethwaite, Millhouse, Oulton, Parkend, Red Dial, Rosley, Waverbidge, Waverton, West Curthwaite, Westward. Whelpo, Wiggonby, Wigton.

Can’t find your area?

Please contact us on 01228 791 423 to find out if we deliver to your area and the cost of delivery.

With our new delivery service, firewood and kindling can be delivered straight to your house or business within a 20 mile radius of our yard.

Give Border Esk Fencing Ltd. a call on 01228 791 423 to get stocked up.

At Border Esk Fencing Ltd, we also offer a wide range of fencing services, from timber pressure treatments to the supply and installation arrangements of all fencing materials. To find out more information about these services you can visit our site with the following link: www.bordereskfencingcumbria.co.uk